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BOOM BOOM African Espresso Blend Medium/Dark Fresh Roasted Coffee,

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BOOM BOOM African Espresso Fresh Blend Medium/Dark Roast Coffee

Roast Level: Medium/Dark

Origin: A masterful blend of the finest beans from Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.


Indulge in the rich, bold flavors of BOOM BOOM African Espresso Fresh Blend. Our Medium/Dark Roast combines the unique characteristics of premium coffee beans from Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, offering a robust yet balanced profile. Experience the vibrant notes of fruity acidity from Kenyan beans, the full-bodied richness of Tanzanian beans, and the floral undertones of Ethiopian beans. This exceptional blend is perfect for those who seek a deep, complex coffee experience.

Tasting Notes:

  • Kenya: Bright acidity with hints of berry and citrus.
  • Tanzania: Smooth and full-bodied with notes of chocolate and spice.
  • Ethiopia: Floral and fruity with a subtle sweetness.

Ideal For: Espresso, French Press, and Drip Coffee

Tagline: Experience the Royalty in Every Sip with our BOOM BOOM African Espresso Fresh Blend.


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