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BOOM BOOM Blonde Blend Freshly Natural Coffee,

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BOOM BOOM Blonde Blend Coffee is a delightful and versatile coffee option, ideal for those who appreciate a sweeter and lighter coffee. Here are the details:


  • Type: Blonde Roast Blend
  • Origin: Central America and Africa


  • Roast Level: Blonde (Light Roast)
  • Flavor Profile:
    • Sweet notes
    • Bright and vibrant
    • Mild acidity
    • Subtle fruity and floral undertones


  • Sweet Espresso: Perfectly suited for making sweet espresso shots, providing a smooth and balanced flavor.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various brewing methods, including espresso, pour-over, and drip coffee.
  • Balanced Flavor: Combines the best of Central American and African coffees to create a harmonious blend that is both sweet and complex.

Ideal For

  • Espresso Lovers: Perfect for those who enjoy a sweeter, lighter espresso with bright and vibrant notes.
  • Light Roast Enthusiasts: Great for anyone who prefers the subtle and delicate flavors of a blonde roast.
  • Morning Coffee: A refreshing and invigorating coffee to start the day on a bright note.

BOOM BOOM Blonde Blend Coffee is perfect for those who appreciate a lighter, sweeter coffee experience. The combination of Central American and African beans provides a unique and enjoyable flavor profile, making it a versatile choice for any coffee lover.


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