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BOOM BOOM Caramel Flavored Fresh Coffee,

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BOOM BOOM Caramel Flavored Fresh Coffee offers a deliciously sweet and buttery coffee experience. Here are the details:


  • Type: Flavored Fresh Coffee
  • Flavor: Caramel
  • Roast Level: Medium


  • Flavor Profile:
    • Sweet buttery caramel
    • Smooth medium roast


  • All Natural Flavoring: Uses high-quality, all-natural flavoring oils


  • Specialty Grade: Starts with single origin, specialty grade Arabica beans
  • Small Batch Roasting: Roasted in small batches to ensure quality and consistency
  • Infused Flavor: Carefully flavored while still warm to maximize flavor absorption


  • Decadent Flavor: The sweet and buttery caramel flavor enhances the coffee, making it enjoyable on its own or as a base for blended drinks.
  • Quality Beans: Uses specialty grade Arabica beans, ensuring a high-quality and flavorful cup.
  • Natural Ingredients: Provides a pure and enjoyable taste experience without artificial additives.

Ideal For

  • Caramel Lovers: Perfect for those who enjoy the rich and sweet taste of caramel in their coffee.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various brewing methods, including drip coffee, pour-over, French press, and as a base for blended drinks.
  • Morning or Dessert Coffee: Great for both a morning treat and a sweet dessert coffee.

BOOM BOOM Caramel Flavored Fresh Coffee is perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate the rich and buttery taste of caramel. The use of all-natural flavoring ensures a high-quality and delightful coffee experience, making it an excellent choice for any time you crave a sweet and satisfying cup.


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