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BOOM BOOM Cinnamon Hazelnut Flavored Medium Roasted Coffee,

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BOOM BOOM Cinnamon Hazelnut Natural Flavor Medium Roast Coffee offers a delightful and aromatic coffee experience. Here are the detailed characteristics of this coffee:


  • Type: Flavored Medium Roast Coffee
  • Flavors: Cinnamon and Hazelnut


  • Roast: Medium
  • Flavor Profile:
    • Smooth and mellow
    • Warm, spicy notes of cinnamon
    • Nutty sweetness of hazelnut


  • Quality: Specialty grade single origin coffee
  • Roasting: Roasted in small batches to ensure a smooth medium roast
  • Flavoring:
    • Flavored with high-quality natural flavoring oils
    • Flavored while the coffee is still warm to ensure optimal absorption and flavor integration


  • Flavor Balance: The combination of cinnamon and hazelnut pairs perfectly with the medium roast, creating a balanced and delightful cup.
  • Natural Ingredients: Uses natural flavoring, ensuring a pure and enjoyable taste experience.

This coffee is ideal for those who appreciate flavored coffees with a smooth and mellow profile. The harmonious blend of cinnamon and hazelnut adds a warm and inviting touch to the medium roast, making it an excellent choice for a comforting and delicious cup of coffee.


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