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BOOM BOOM Cold Brew Freshly Roasted Coffee,

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BOOM BOOM Cold Brew Freshly Roasted Coffee is designed to create a refreshing and flavorful cold brew or nitro coffee. Here are the details:


  • Type: Freshly Roasted Coffee
  • Purpose: Specifically crafted for cold brew or nitro coffee


  • Roast: Medium
  • Flavor Profile:
    • Smooth chocolate
    • Toffee
    • Floral tones


  • Ideal for Cold Brew: The medium roast and carefully selected flavor profile make it perfect for brewing cold, ensuring a smooth and rich taste without the bitterness often associated with cold brews.
  • Versatile: Works great for both traditional cold brew and nitro cold brew, providing flexibility in how you enjoy your coffee.
  • Balanced Flavor: The combination of chocolate, toffee, and floral tones creates a balanced and enjoyable cold coffee experience.

Suggested Use

  • Cold Brew: Steep the coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period (typically 12-24 hours) to extract the smooth, rich flavors.
  • Nitro Cold Brew: Use the cold brew base and infuse it with nitrogen to create a creamy, stout-like coffee with a rich mouthfeel and cascading effect.

This coffee is perfect for those who enjoy a smooth, flavorful, and refreshing cold coffee. The medium roast brings out the natural sweetness and floral notes, while the chocolate and toffee tones provide depth and richness, making it an excellent choice for hot summer days or any time you crave a cool coffee treat.


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