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BOOM BOOM Holiday Blend Freshly Natural Coffee,

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BOOM BOOM Holiday Blend Fresh Natural Coffee offers a festive and delightful coffee experience. Here are the details:


  • Type: Holiday Blend
  • Origin: Brazil, Peru, and India


  • Roast: Typically medium to medium-dark to capture a festive and robust flavor profile
  • Flavor Profile: Expect a harmonious blend of rich, smooth, and slightly spiced flavors, perfect for the holiday season


  • Quality:
    • Specialty grade beans sourced from Brazil, Peru, and India
    • Roasted to bring out the unique characteristics of each origin while creating a cohesive blend


  • Festive Appeal: Crafted to evoke the warm and cozy feelings associated with the holiday season
  • Flavor Complexity: Combines the smooth and chocolatey notes of Brazilian beans, the bright and fruity tones of Peruvian beans, and the bold, spiced characteristics of Indian beans

This blend is perfect for those who want to celebrate the holidays with a cup of coffee that captures the essence of the season. The combination of beans from Brazil, Peru, and India provides a rich and complex flavor profile, making it an ideal choice for festive gatherings or a cozy moment by the fire.


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