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BOOM BOOM Max Caf Blend Freshly High Caffeine Coffee,

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BOOM BOOM Max Caf Blend High Caffeine Coffee sounds like a powerful pick-me-up! Here are the details about this coffee:


  • Type: High caffeine blend
  • Origin:
    • Tanzania
    • India
  • Bean Variety: Robusta


  • Caffeine Content: Higher than average due to the Robusta beans
  • Flavor Profile: Typically, Robusta beans offer a strong, bold flavor with earthy and nutty notes. They may also have a slight bitterness compared to Arabica beans.


  • High Caffeine: Ideal for those who need an extra energy boost.
  • Flavor: Robust and intense, perfect for a strong cup of coffee.

This blend is perfect for anyone needing a high-energy start to their day or an effective afternoon boost. The combination of Tanzanian and Indian Robusta beans ensures a rich and potent coffee experience.


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